Dietary intake Flavonoid

Mean flavonoid intake in mg/d per country, the pie charts show the relative contribution of different types of flavonoids.[17]

Food composition data for flavonoids were provided by the USDA database on flavonoids.[8] In the United States NHANES survey, mean flavonoid intake was 190 mg/d in adults, with flavan-3-ols as the main contributor.[18] In the European Union, based on data from EFSA, mean flavonoid intake was 140 mg/d, although there were considerable differences between individual countries.[17]

Data is based on mean flavonoid intake of all countries included in the 2011 EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database.[17]

The main type of flavonoids consumed in the EU and USA were flavan-3-ols, mainly from tea, while intake of other flavonoids was considerably lower.[17][18]

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